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Bulk Tank

Another supply chain solution

CN Shipping having links to the West African Oil & Energy sector, have listened to their major clients in each country, and have subsequently invested in the purchase of purpose built Tanks which fit into the BACO LINER Barges and therefore have the Capacity of transporting Liquid drilling muds & Oil based fluids from Europe to the region.

This has been such a success that a further 2 sets of tanks were commissioned and brought into service during 2003. Details can be found below.

  • Each Barge is fitted with 4 specially designed tanks

  • Each tank is separated allowing different liquids to be shipped together if required

  • Each set of 4 tanks have the capacity of transporting 650 tonnes Liquid
  • Product can be pumped into the tanks using specially designed manifolds

  • The complete loading operation via coastal tanker or Quayside tank storage farm is completed in 2hrs 30 mins

  • Discharge at Receivers own Jetty or to supply ship in Africa is easily achieved

  • With 3 sets in service a fortnightly frequency can be offered, allowing 650 tonnes to be supplied on a "just in time" delivery basis or a larger single shipment of between
    1300/1950 tonnes can be achieved

Rates and further information on this service, can only be obtained by contacting CN Shipping Ltd.



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